We have been asked many times, "Why did you move from San Diego to Minnesota?" Yes, it was hard, but because of an employment opportunity we had in Minnesota we picked up and moved across country. Shortly after we were living in Minnesota, my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. You can imagine our shock. Well, to make a long story short, he had surgery to remove the cancer which turned out to NOT be cancer. That was enough of a wake-up call for us to re-evaluate the choices we were making regarding our health.

As a result, we began to buy organic and sought an alternative healthcare provider. We also looked for ways that might improve our health and quality of life. That's when hyperbaric chambers came onto our radar screen. After many hours of researching hyperbaric chambers, we came to the conclusion that this was a product that we needed. We searched and searched for a high quality product that would not break our bank account. To our surprise we found just what we were looking for – high quality and low price.

We have read many pages on the web from parents and individuals who were seeking hyperbaric chambers, but could not find an affordable solution. After realizing this great need, Summit to Sea was formed to help assist families and individuals who are seeking these solutions. We are very excited about finding a high-quality, low-cost solution, which in turn we can pass on the savings to you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.